Longtime corporate member, Andrew Associates of Enfield, CT was excited to share the following with the Ad Club:

Getting high-level healthcare professionals to events is never easy. Andrew Associates was tasked with creating an invitation aimed at these professionals for an open house at the newly renovated Caleb Hitchcock Health Center on the campus of Duncaster Retirement Community.

Our approach included researching and providing a highly targeted list of healthcare specialists within Duncaster’s service area. We wrote, designed, printed and mailed new invitations that were a creative departure from past invites.

The invitation resulted in 35 people attending the event – exceeding the client’s expectations – and garnering new, potential referral sources for the state-of-the-art health care center.

And speaking of successful events for Duncaster…

While Duncaster has typically had no problem attracting prospective residents, there is always a need to draw more qualified prospects.

For their November cultivation event – focused on understanding the financial models of continuing care communities – we created an invitation that brought the spirit and lifestyle of Duncaster to the forefront.

The result: RSVPs reached capacity, bringing over 50 engaged people to the Duncaster community for

the event.

The moral of the stories — great lists, and thoughtful creative geared toward very specific audiences, garner great results!

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