Meet our 2022 winner, Gabriella Dyjach! 

Throughout Gabriella’s academic career at Hopkins Academy, she always knew she wanted to better prepare herself for the future by continuing to challenge herself. In Gabriella’s early high school years, she decided she wanted to pursue a career in business, specifically marketing. She set herself up by joining a program her school offered called Innovation Pathways.

To qualify for the Innovation Pathways program, she took classes such as personal Finance, Economics, Business Law, and now AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics. Furthermore, through this program she was able to have a marketing internship with UMass, where she worked with the Department of Education collecting data for their 2023-2024 program approval. She realized her passion for marketing through this program and appreciates the practice of tying psychology in with business, while studying consumer behavior.

Gabriella has experience managing a variety of social media accounts for different clubs in her high school, and creating a multitude of ads and infographics to keep people in the community informed on events, fundraisers, and advertising opportunities that these clubs continue to run. Crafting ideas and advertisements is something she enjoys and envisions herself doing in the professional field.

Gabriella is thrilled to be attending Syracuse University this fall as she’s ready to work hard and begin pursuing her interests following graduation!

Meet our 2021 winner, Mackenzie Martel!

Mackenzie Martel is a western Massachusetts high school graduate going to college to study Communication Arts. In the summer of 2020, Mackenzie realized her senior year would be far from normal because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Given this, she took advantage of dual enrollment at Greenfield Community College. With this opportunity, she already has 28 college credits completed at the same time as she graduates from high school. She will be attending Holyoke Community College Marketing Program in the fall of 2021. As a college student, Mackenzie’s goals are to excel in academics while majoring in marketing. With an education in marketing and graphic design she hopes to one day be able to help small businesses in her community with their social media presence.

About the Scholarship

Western Massachusetts seniors who plan to attend an accredited college or technical school to study advertising, communications, marketing, or graphics arts are encouraged to apply. The scholarship must be applied against tuition and fees at the school. Candidates will be judged on academic performance, extracurricular activities, community service and/or work experience, a demonstrated interest in advertising, communications, marketing or graphic design, personal recommendations, and a letter of introduction outlining future plans.

Scholarship decisions are made by the Scholarship Committee of The Advertising Club of Western Massachusetts and are considered final. The scholarship will be awarded in May and the recipient may be recognized at the Ad Club’s Creative Awards show later in the year.


About the Ad Club of Western MA

The Advertising Club of Western Massachusetts is the premier organization for all marketing and communications professionals in western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. The club offers its members the ability to advance and enrich the advertising community, by acting as a catalyst for idea exchange, professional development, and creative energy. The Club creates a forum for members to learn, network, recognize achievement and give back to build a stronger advertising and marketing community.

The Ad Club believes we can promote a tradition of excellence in future generations of communications professionals and we look forward to making this important contribution.