Creative Awards


The 2018 Creative Awards were handed out - and the photos are in!
Memories were made at this year's Creative Awards gala held at Gateway City Arts of May 24 -- and we've got the photos to prove it. Find the best shots of you and your team in the gallery here - just click on the gallery link below.
Please feel to download and share any hi-res images from the gallery, courtesy of Stephanie Craig Photography. Stephanie has asked only that 1) no photos get altered without her permission and 2) all usage includes attribution to Stephanie Craig Photography. (See complete legalese below.)
Prints of any photo are also available for purchase by clicking "Buy Photo" in the gallery header. Enjoy!
Be sure to see our list of Winners from Bronze to Best of Show!
Thank you to our 2018 Show Sponsors!
423 Motion, Inc.
Cecco | The Design Office of David Cecchi
Craft Built Carpentry
Hadley Printing
Marcus Printing
Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C.
Stephanie Craig Photography
TSM Design

View the show gallery here.  Many thanks to Stephanie Craig Photography for capturing the essence of the show.



The legalese:

Copyright. All digital images and other digital material shall remain the exclusive copyrighted property of Stephanie Craig Photography (SCP) and client shall have no ownership or other rights in such images or other material. It is hereby expressly agreed that SCP shall have the exclusive rights to use such images and other material for display, publication, competition or other purposed as determined in the sole discretion of SCP. Client's possession of a photograph does not grant the right to client or any other person, other than SCP to duplicate or make copies of any kind, including computer scans. Upon delivery of online gallery containing hi-resolution files, client will receive a letter granting client permission to produce copies directly from the gallery: provided, however, that any and all copies shall only be for the private and person use of client. Client may not make any copies for the purpose of sale or publication without prior written permission from SCP. Alterations. At no time may SCP's photographic image be altered. Any proposed post-production work to occur on any and all photographic images of SCP must be set forth in writing by client prior thereto and pre approved by SCP. SCP must have approval on any and all photographs that have been altered in any way, even if agreed to prior to photo session, before photos may be used in publication, and reserve the right to ask for approval of prints anytime thereafter before permission is given to use photos again.